Chartered Member of The British Psychological Society


Clinical psychologist/ Teacher of psychology (Bsc, Ma)/ Lomonosov Moscow State University/Moscow

Professional Image-Maker Diploma/ State University of Culture and Art / Moscow

Psychotherapy and Psychological Consultation ( 728 hours) / European  Association Of Psychotherapists –Society of family consultants and psychotherapists / Moscow

Continued professional development

Developing Skills in Couple Work International Summer School/Tavistock Relationships/London

 Mindfullness Training/ Metanoia Institute/ London

 The Enneagram /  London Enneagram Centre / London 

 Cognitive psychotherapy of emotional disorders / The Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry – Russian Federation Ministry of Health/ Moscow 

 Mythology in Psychotherapy / Institute of Practical Psychology/ Moscow 

 Body-Orientated Psychotherapy Part I & II / International Programme “Cultural Body” – Institute of Thanatotherapy/ Moscow

 Training Management –Theoretical and Practical Elements of Conducting Training Sessions/ Institute of Applied Psychology State 

University of Economics/ Moscow