Image Therapy

Therapy for the perception of your body, appearance and style.

Every morning, when you decide on a look or what to wear, you also unconsciously decide who to be and how to behave that day. Our clothing choices not only affect how people view us but also how we view ourselves. If there is not harmony between the way you dress and the way you feel - emotional and psychological harmony is also difficult to achieve. 



Our outfits not only reveal our aspirations, goals, values and purpose in life, but also our inner conflicts and the complexes created by parent-child relationships - our true identity and a false image of oneself. Within the effort to strive towards an improved physical appearance, there often sits a deep rooted desire to change the inner self. It can be a conscious attempt to heal subconscious issues. Low self-esteem, inner discourse and lack of meaning in life are just some of the potential issues.

During the image therapy session, in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, you will discover what your body means to you and what you cannot accept about it.  You will explore how your appearance was influenced by family in childhood and how it affects you now, and what meaning you assign to clothing and accessories and how others perceive you. Image therapy can also help build trust in yourself and consequently develop your unique image and style.

I have a decade of experience involving constant research of the concepts of image, the cultural body, physical self-image, self-esteem, fashion psychology, and I also have practical experience in image-making and counselling. It has shaped my deep conviction that while the changing of external image, hairstyle, wardrobe, weight loss, and developing a good physical form boosts self-esteem and improves mood, these effects are not long lasting. In fact, they can lead to bigger inner conflicts and a dependence on the opinions of others or the fashion and beauty industries. 

I believe that only by establishing a trusting and harmonious relationship with the inner self can you permanently improve your self esteem. Only then will you be able to truly manage your image and public perception. 

Image-therapy can help you with:

- Desire to change image

- The need to change image due to changes in life circumstances (new job, moving to a new country, new baby, etc.);

- Dissatisfaction with one's appearance, body, wardrobe;

- Excessive concern about one's image and beauty;

- "Nothing to wear" syndrome;

- Style improvements;

- Shopoholism, compulsive buying;

Image therapy is a fresh approach to age-old problems – and combines traditional psychological counselling with aspects of life-coaching and image-making.

At the first meeting we will get to know each other, I will learn your story, and together we will explore the meanings of your problem and set joint goals and objectives. Only after that can we make a decision about the required number of sessions.