Individual Counselling


I truly believe every person has the ability to live a fulfilling life. In most cases the obstacles in our way are self-created. The difficulty is often in how to feel the problem, rather than seeing or understanding it. This is why working with a psychologist is essential to achieving set goals. Counselling is a shared journey into the inner depths of the subconscious. It helps provide an insight into emotion, fear, and trauma – and can lead to you once again finding hope, love and happiness.

Together we can find purpose and order in a world of absurdity and chaos. Inner harmony is what we all seek and this is what we will endeavour to find together. 

I will never attempt to give agony aunt style advice, nor do I offer ready-made solutions. My job is to help an individual discover the harmony within, avoid the path of destruction and negativity, and accentuate the positive.

No one knows you better than yourself.

I will be there to help you again discover the real you, to reconnect socially, build stronger relationships and become more emotionally at ease. 

In my work I combine the modern psychodynamic approach with elements of existential philosophy - based on the practice of mindfulness when dealing with stress, depression and other emotional disorders. I also apply methods of cognitive, body-oriented and systemic-family counseling - creating an integrated way of working.


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